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Any thickness down to a feather-edge, in just 2 to 4 hours!

Just Imagine! A space age metal patch that lets you TROWEL-FORM to your specific repair needs.

RON-CRETE'S unique iron particles lie flat under the trowel, actually creating an armoured surface which will withstand 10 times the abuse of regular QUICK-SET repair products, Specially formulated, IRON-CRETE'S metallic aggregates with selected iron borings that are kiln-fired to remove impurities, is surely a handyman's dream.

IRON-CRETE'S two part system can easily be mixed and placed within minutes, yet can withstand heavy traffic in just 4 hours, developing ultimate compressive strengths of over 10,000 psi (69mpa).

IRON-CRETETM #5150 is a must for quick permanent repairs to areas where shut down time is critical. Areas repaired with IRON-CRETE'S all iron aggregates are quiet under traffic and will absorb high point loads.

IRON-CRETETM #5150 comes as a two part unit complete with catalyst and simple easy to follow instructions*

NOTE: IRON-CRETETM #5150 is not recommended in areas where the repair area will be subject to acids or other chemicals which attack cement and or iron (see instructions section)

Iron Crete

Iron CreteTM #5150 repairs areas like these permanently in just 4 hours


IronCreteTM#5150 has triple the bonding capacity of regular Quick-Set products.

IRON CRETE'S tensile and flexural strength compared regular Quick-Set products.

Iron-Crete Concrete RepairTwice as strong after only 4 hours!

Iron Crete Concrete RepairIRON-CRETE is ten times tougher and able to handle high-point loads quicker than regular Quick-Set products!

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