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High Build Epoxy Floor Coating


Protect and extend the life of all industrial surfaces with this durable, space-age coating. Just mix the two pre-measured parts together, let them react, and roll or brush. (.50mm thick application will give a vapor barrier coating to porous surfaces.) You'll get a smooth, glossy , protective finish which provides excellent resistance to chemicals, weathering and physical abuse. One coat of GLO-MORE high build epoxy is equal to two coats or ordinary epoxy paint. GLO-MORE can be applied up to 3mm thick

GLO-MORE can be made to a smooth-like-patch that fills and spans tiny, hairline cracks without sagging. It's also great to spread over small roughened areas to make them smooth and level. GLO-MORE can also be used for patching vertical surfaces without runs.

Available in the following colours: Grey, Industrial Brown, Yellow and Green. Please call for pricing and colour request.